JVC-Taiyo Yuden CD-R 80 min 48x, FF printable White, 100 uni


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JVC-Taiyo Yuden means quality, stability and reliability. As one of the most innovative brands in the storage media section the JVC-Taiyo Yuden blank discs belong by far to the best of the world. The possibility to process and print those discs mechanically with the lowest error rate make JVC-Taiyo Yuden the first choice for duplicators. Tests have proven that JVC Taiyo Yuden discs are the least affected by failures and always provide perfect print results. We recommend CD, DVD and Blu-ray JVC-Taiyo Yuden to anyone who expects the best results in burning and printing blank discs.

Important! Since 01.01.2011 the media from Taiyo Yuden are marketed in Europe under the name of JVC.


Blank Discs like CDs, DVD or Blu-rays with the ECO-PACK sign are packed in a thin so-galled shrink foil.

Surveys have shown that so-called Cake boxes are often disposed of after consuming the media. Since cake boxes are maid of plastic the may harm our enviroment. The shrink foil uses a significantly smaller amount of plastic and produces therefore less waste.

At the same time the ECO-PACK wrapped blanks less exphensive due to cheaper production and transport. Good for you and for the environment! :-)

Article Type:CD-R
Manufacturer:JVC-Taiyo Yuden
Manufacturer Number:TY-CDR80WPPB-VALUE
Capacity:700 MB
Recording time:80 min
Suitable for:Ink jet printing
Surface:Full printable White
Print Area:24-118 mm
Water Shield:cross.png
Metallized inner ring:tick.png
Stacking ring:cross.png
Quantity:x 100 pieces in ECO-pack
Product Weight:1.69 kg
Item dimensions:140 × 120 × 120 mm

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